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We work to grow your online footprint. From first impressions to long lasting brand loyalty, we drive high quality traffic, all while optimizing your spend because after all, results are everything. Generate More Traffic, Get more organic amazing focused on Visitor and rule your opposition with our assistance On The Search Engine! Best Keyword Ranking - The foundation of a great SEO campaign starts by identifying the most effective keywords. This process is about gaining insight into your consumers’ questions and concerns.

Why is SEO important?

70% of the links search users click on are organic results.

75% of marketers experience their greatest channel ROI with organic search.

Key Benefits

Increase Visibility
& Traffic

SEO methods can help get your
website and business in front of your
target audience. Increasing visibility
means the potential for more traffic.


Do your ideal customers know who
you are? SEO gives you a chance to be
at the forefront across multiple chan-
nels on the web, building your brand.

Trust &

A website with engaging content will
build authority with the public faster.
The consistency of putting out high
quality content increases users trust.


Boosting rankings for varioust keywords
can bring long standing results. SEO is
an investment and the ongoing rewards
will be evident.

Return on Investment

Relevant Traffic
Optimizing your website is about more than just driving traffic, it’s about creating the opportunity for valuable traffic.

High Conversion Potential
Reaching people via multiple avenues online means capturing an enormous audience at the time they are looking for you.

Measurable Marketing
In using SEO techniques you will have invaluable knowledge about potential customers at your fingertips.

Strategy Overview

Keyword Research & Analysis
Perform extensive keyword research to decide upon focus areas for the project. It’s not just about the traffic, we want the right traffic.

On-site Optimisation
Perform a full technical website audit and implement technical recommendations that will build a strong SEO foundation. We ensure that your site structure is geared towards consumer search.

Off-site Optimisation
We research and write regular content.
We perform off-site outreach and link building to strengthen site authority.

Analysis and Reporting
We assess baselines and current traffic to establish campaign goals and improve rankings. We measure progress towards set goals and provide proactive insights and recommendations.

Why Choose My SEO Stars?
My SEO Stars Packages

Components to SEO

Server Side

Optimising the performance of your web-hosting environment to ensure fast and reliable delivery of web pages by:

-Server location, resources, reliability, speed


Making your site readable to search engines and enhancing user experience by engaging visitors with:

-Unique content
-Domain structuring
-Asessing link profile
-Metadata management
-Implementation of technical recommendations

Keyword Research and Analysis

Keyword research helps us determine which terms or phrases to focus on.

We look at:

-What users search
-Volume of search
-Competitiveness of terms

This gives us a good indication of how to approach SEO for your business and website.
We also look at the user-friendly, keyword-rich content already on the site to see how those perform in search engine results for your chosen keywords.

How achievable is it to reach page 1 rankings?

Strength of website

Mobile optimised / responsive, relevant target pages, easy navigation, user-friendly.


How many search results are there for your keyword, strength of competitor sites.
Keyword research helps us determine which terms or phrases to focus on. We look at…

What Users Search

Make sure you are visible for the terms that users are actually searching.

Volume of Search Terms

Are enough people searching the terms you want to rank for?

Competitiveness of Terms

Analysing the strength of the competition who rank for these terms.

Why Choose My SEO Stars?
My SEO Stars Packages

On-site Optimisation

On-site SEO refers to optimising both the content and the HTML source code of the site, we approach each of these areas.


Assign or Create new pages for keywords

In-depth, unique, user-friendly content

Duplicate Content Detection

Add in-content links where appropriate

Social Media Sharing Buttons

HTML Source Code

Assess & improve page loading times

Site Architecture Analysis

Site Infrastructure

Domain Structuring & URL Optimisation

Mobile Site Optimised


Google Tags

HTML Tag Optimisation

Metadata Management

Off-site Optimisation

Guest Posts

Post quality content on authoritative websites in the niche.

Citation Building

Register the website on directories to have links to your site and mentions of the business. This helps build trust and verify your business.

Outreach Marketing

Perform outreach to popular and authoritative sites in the industry and attempt to network and gain the ability to publish content and get links
on their websites and blogs.

Competition Analysis

Analyse the backlink profiles of the top 5 competitors and identify web pages that they have links from and aim to replicate it.

Analysis and Reporting

Baseline Analysis

Audit of landing pages and list of recommendations:

-Meta Tags
-Image Analysis
-Copy Analysis
-Code Analysis
-Social Analysis
-Mobile Analysis
-Page Link Analysis
-Root Domain Link Analysis
-Domain Analysis
-Ranking Report
-Site traffic and behaviour
-Keyword base positions
-Competition analysis


Ranking Report

The first week of every month you will receive an updated ranking report to track progress on the targeted keywords and pages.
Keyword ranking shows organic search positions for all your terms with their movement from the previous month.
We also produce a report which tracks competitor performance on these same keywords